Patient FAQs

Patient FAQs

Yes. A request form or referral from your health practitioner is required.

Yes. We accept all imaging request forms, providing the referral is within date and includes the referring doctor’s name, address, and provider number.

‍No. Our services are performed on state-of-the-art equipment utilizing the latest technology, by technical staff who are experienced specialists in their fields.  Our radiology reports are individually dictated by a qualified specialist Radiologist and include both a formal review of imaging findings and recommendations for future management.

These factors ensure that our radiology is of the highest medical standard. Unfortunately, the costs associated with such high-quality imaging make bulk-billing these services commercially non-viable.

You will be verbally quoted for your imaging upon scheduling your appointment, including a guide as to the Medicare rebate and out-of-pocket component where applicable.

If you have any questions regarding costs of our service, please call us on (07) 3839 8666.

Our booking consultants will advise you of how long you should expect to be with us upon scheduling your appointment. ‍

Your appointment time will vary depending on the type of imaging you are undergoing, whether you are having multiple scans performed in the one appointment and whether any pathology is detected during your appointment which may require further investigation.

Generally, those visiting us for breast imaging services should allow up to 2 hours, and those attending for gynaecological or obstetric services should allow up to 1.5 hours.

It can be annoying to fill out personal information and clinical questionnaires every time you visit. However, we ask our patients to fill out a new clinical questionnaire each time because each individual visit is a new investigation for us.

Medical errors arise most commonly when questions are not asked because assumptions are made instead. We make no assumptions about your health, symptoms, medication, or clinical history.  It also ensures you have the opportunity to advise us of anything new that’s concerning you or your doctor.

We have been committed to providing the highest-quality women’s medical imaging service in Brisbane for over 20 years.  

We maintain a small scale of operation, which helps us to preserve the quality of imaging and care we provide. We routinely introduce the latest advances in imaging technology to Australian radiology practice, years ahead of our local competitors.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure costs do not become prohibitive, as with any other service there is a direct correlation between cost and quality. The standard of equipment we invest in, the generous time allocated to each patient appointment allowing for exceptional image acquisition and analysis, as well as the in-depth detail in our radiology reports, are all factors that set Diagnostic Imaging for Women apart from other radiology providers in Brisbane.

Directions from the Queen Street Mall

Once you are on the Queen Street Mall, the entrance to our building at 141 Queen Street is between Vodafone and Swarovski, adjacent to Jimmy's on the Mall. Take the elevators to level two.

Directions from Wilson Parking, 140 Elizabeth Street

If you are driving to your appointment, paid parking is available at Wilson Parking, 140 Elizabeth Street. Take the carpark elevators to ground level, turn left and head up the stairs continuing past Vapiano's Italian Restaurant and Cappu-Gino's Coffee Shop until you reach another set of elevators. Take the elevators to level two.

Four hourly validated parking is available for patients with appointments at Wilson Parking, 140 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, at a cost of $30. Simply present your parking ticket to our reception staff when finalising your visit for validation. Please call us on 07 3839 8666 for more information.