Pelvic Ultrasound

Gynaecologic ultrasound is used for assessing the female pelvic organs.

Both a transabdominal and a transvaginal scan will be performed in most cases. The best view of the pelvic organs is obtained with a transvaginal ultrasound scan.

During the transabdominal ultrasound, warm gel is applied to your abdomen before our imaging technician places the probe on the abdominal surface and applies pressure to obtain images of the pelvic organs.

During the transvaginal ultrasound, a thin probe is introduced a short distance into the vagina to view the uterus and ovaries. This is a simple and safe procedure.

Transvaginal scans are completely at the discretion of the patient and written consent is required. 

At all times, a patient’s dignity and privacy is protected.  You are welcome to invite a chaperone into the room for this examination.