Patient Information

Disorders, allergies, medications?

Before your scan, please let us know about any allergies or disorders that may affect your examination and if you take any diabetic or blood thinning medication.


Preparation for your scan

At the time of scheduling your appointment, our booking consultants will advise you of specific preparation required for your examination or procedure. Examination and procedural preparation instructions can also be accessed here.  It’s important that you adhere to this advice.


What you should bring to your appointment
  • Request form or referral letter from your doctor or health care provider
  • Medicare Card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card
  • Previous medical imaging or blood test results that may be relevant to your appointment (including reports, films and CDs)

Upon scheduling your appointment, our booking consultant will ask you to arrive 10 minutes early. This allows enough time to complete any relevant paperwork.

At each appointment, we appreciate you taking the time to tell us about yourself, including your current personal details. This ensures our patient database is always up-to-date, and our imaging technicians have access to your most current and accurate clinical information to allow for appropriate imaging preparation.

Once your paperwork is completed, our reception staff will complete your registration. An imaging technician will escort you to the change room area, prior to directing you to the examination room where your scan will be performed.

During your scan, the performing imaging technician will acquire your imaging.

‍Your appointment time will vary depending on several factors; including the type of imaging you are having, whether you are undergoing multiple scan types in the one appointment and whether any pathology is detected during your appointment which may require further investigation.

Once your imaging has been acquired, any imaging technicians involved in your examination will confer with Dr Sivyer to ensure no further imaging investigation is necessary.

In instances where further imaging or procedural investigations are required, we will make our best efforts to accommodate this on the same day.

Assuming that no further imaging or procedural investigations are required, you will be escorted to the change room area and directed back to reception.

Dr Sivyer will begin her work-up process, including:

  • conducting a thorough review of the imaging acquired during your appointment
  • making a comprehensive comparison against any relevant previous imaging
  • reviewing all clinical information obtained from you and/or your health practitioner
  • running CAD (Computer Aided Detection) analysis

‍Once this work-up is complete, Dr Sivyer will commence preparing and dictating a detailed clinical report that will include a global review of the anatomy, any specific findings, and recommendations for future management.

Your health practitioner will use this report to guide them in providing your medical care. Our reports are prepared to international-standard reporting protocols and take some time to prepare.  

If you have a follow up appointment with your referring doctor, any other health professional involved in your care, or are proceeding directly to specialist review, please advise our reception staff so that dispatch of your report can be coordinated accordingly.