Core Biopsy

A core biopsy performed under ultrasound guidance may be requested by your doctor or upon radiologist recommendation if there is an area within your breast that can be seen on ultrasound and mammogram that is suspicious for either malignancy or a complex benign condition.

A core biopsy obtains small cores of tissue from an area of interest. This enables the pathologist to assess not only cells from the area but also the architecture or structure of the lesion, to assist in a definitive diagnosis.

A preliminary breast ultrasound is performed to review the area in question and allow appropriate procedural planning by our radiologist. The procedure is performed by our radiologist, with an imaging technician assisting. The radiologist will inject local anaesthetic to numb the skin surface and a deep tissue local anaesthetic to further numb the area within the breast around the lesion itself. A small incision is made in the skin through which the radiologist will pass the core needle. The core needle is then guided under ultrasound into the lesion and one or more cores of tissue are obtained. The specimen will be sent for pathology analysis.

Following the procedure, our imaging technician will apply pressure to the biopsy site to minimise bruising. A sterile dressing will be applied, and you will be consulted about aftercare.