First Trimester - Dating & Early Morphology

Your health professional may request an ultrasound during the first trimester of your pregnancy to check viability of your pregnancy, progress and to determine gestational age and estimated delivery date.

A transabdominal and a transvaginal scan will be performed in most cases.

During the transabdominal ultrasound, warm gel is applied, and the ultrasound probe is placed on the abdomen. Gentle pressure is applied to obtain clear images of the pelvic organs and foetal anatomy.

A transvaginal ultrasound involves a small, thin probe being introduced a short distance into the vagina to better view the uterus and ovaries. This is a simple, painless and safe procedure.

Transvaginal scans are completely at the discretion of the patient and written consent is required. 

At all times, a patient’s dignity and privacy is protected.  You are welcome to invite a chaperone into the room for this examination.  

On completion of your examination, you will receive a folio of still images from the scan.  A comprehensive imaging report will be sent electronically to your referring health professional.